Agricultural advisory services in developing regions: estimating their impact on expected outcomes



Agricultural advisory (extension) services are a vital element that provide critical flows of scientific based information that can improve farmers’ and other rural peoples’ welfare. Apart from their conventional function of providing knowledge and skill for improved agricultural productivity and efficient utilization of limited resources, agricultural advisory services are expected to fulfill a variety of functions, such as linking smallholder farmers to high-value and export markets, promoting environmentally sustainable production techniques, and coping with natural and human made challenges that affect agriculture. However, rigorous impact evaluations of agricultural extension interventions on expected outcomes are scanty. In this regard, factors influencing effectiveness of agricultural extension services in fostering improved outcomes for farmers need to be investigated. Although, many factors affect the performance of agriculture in complex and contradictory ways and difficult to trace the relationship between extension inputs and their impact at the farm level and beyond, there are some existing methods to mitigate the challenges of attribution and estimating the counterfactual using macro level panel data collected at household and plot level. Thus we are focusing on impact assessment studies that are pivotal in the formulation and amendment of policies that are expected to improve rural peoples’ welfare.



  • Agricultural advisory services (extension); rural development; agricultural productivity; production efficiency; technology adoption; women role in agriculture; developing regions



  • Socio-economic impact assessment of agricultural development programs
  • Farm productivity and production efficiency analysis
  • Agricultural technology adoption and innovation
  • Gender issues in rural development



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